You have probably heard before that it is possible to make money on the internet by participating in the so called “online surveys”, but how exactly does it work? Did you know that every survey site has a different questionnaire model for each person, based on demographic, economic and consumer spending data?

Based on that, you might think it could be complicated to earn additional income by this method but fear not! This article will show you some great advices to follow whenever you want to partake in one or even multiple survey programs at once.By the way, Top surveys is one of the best sources out there to find out more about the most reliable and best paying survey sites. See more in

Let’s start from the beginning, that being why there are surveys out there. Whenever a company wants to do a research about how well an upcoming product or service could perform in a certain region or with a specific group of people, creating online surveys is one of the best marketing tools they have in order to produce an accurate forecast in relatively short time. With the survey data they should decide better whether to launch a product in a specific market where they would have little to no data otherwise.

How much you will make from taking online surveys will depend on a lot of factors. First, the website’s policies and frequency they send out new questionnaires per month. But on average, most websites will pay anywhere from 5 to 30 dollars per month, this is from a single website doing both short and long surveys. By the way, if you’re looking for more internet news and web service tips, check out our other articles.

Generally, surveys that target a specific group of people or are lengthier will pay better. And if you are a trustworthy and reliable ‘survey taker’, they will tend to give you more questionnaires or let you participate in the top paying ones. Some survey websites will eventually send you free surveys, which are recommended to take too because this way the platform can know better about your own preferences and what type of user you are and send newsurveys that should fit you better.

Keep in mind that payment comes in different forms, apart from cash. Some survey websites will let you choose between Amazon, Apple or Spotify gift cards, others will give you specific discounts and vouchers in certain physical stores, such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Usually, you will only be able to withdraw your credits once you reach a minimum balance, and it can sometimes take between one or two months on average to receive your funds or other redeemed rewards. Many survey websites also offer alternative income options, such as watching videos, playing online games, shopping with cash back or making specific purchases through their affiliated companies.

You can usually make an extra cash  by referring others to these platforms, but they should be participating in tasks as well. Some of the most popular survey sites that have this option are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Univox and Triaba. These are reliable platforms for English speaking users that are very easy to use, and will offer you multiple payout options, such as gift cards, virtual credit cards or PayPal deposits.

A good thing to do after registering to a survey website is to draft a schedule and plan your week accordingly, so you don’t miss out any opportunities. This can be done using an online calendar that will send you reminders via phone notifications or emails ahead of your tasks.

As you are registering into multiple platforms with different privacy policies, it is advisable to create a secondary email account just for that purpose, so you don’t receive too much spam, which is unfortunately unavoidable. Setting up a password manager will also be good to both avoid using your own private passwords that can pose a security risk, and also to make sure you always have a strong random passphrase attached to all of your accounts and you don’t have to remember each one of them.

Before choosing which survey website you will participate in, make sure to find out the most you can about the platform you will be working with. Read online reviews, check their policies and always remember that the information you will be sharing with them through the questionnaires should not be used to track or resell your individual data.

Some platforms, however, will indeed share anonymous data usage with their partners but you can always read more about how it works in their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy statements. The Wall Street Journal did an article a few years ago about how online surveys work. Click here to see more information about it.