To make a website on the web you need an intriguing website name. This name shall stick with you until the website does. And so, it’s the most powerful and influential decision you shall make.

To come out with a strong name it isn’t just about what you feel about it but also about the response you shall get on it online. You can design your website online with the help of self-help guides, but the choice of website name stays with you.

Consider a few things here before you finalize on the name of your website!

Creativity first!

When thinking of a name for your website you should push your limits and come with a creative name never used before. Stay away from the already existing names or anything that comes closer to them. It is important to be creative here. Think edgy ideas, creative words, and refine your dictionary to bring in a brand name or website name that truly encapsulates your brand and stands unique too!

Keep the name short

A website name should be short. The three lettered website addresses have long gone rare. But these were the ones with the most expensive price tags on them. The reason being the appeal it makes to the people. Keeping the name short helps people navigate it faster and thus gets more popular than the longer names. You don’t want your customers to write incorrect web address and land on to some other business!

Easy to remember

A website name should be easy to remember. The thought and vision of the business should be reflected on the name thus making it easier to pronounce and remember. This is because when the customers can remember your web address, there is no marketing better than this.

Easier to type

Of course jumbled up letters in web address is a major set-off for a website. Choose to use simple spelling, arranged letters and simple to type web address. Comfort first!

Should have brand appeal

The website name should come as a brand. If the appeal is not about branding it – customers won’t perceive it to be a brand too. It’s important to have a strong name that stands tough as a brand name. The depth of the word shall bring meaning to business and make it flourish!

Choosing the website name isn’t the easiest task! But it will definitely come to you at the right time. Give it a thought before you start designing your website!