Cloud computing has changed everything about database management. Today, businesses have the choice of opting for one of the readymade ERP solutions or can hire developers to design a database from scratch. There’s also the third option of online database software, which allows creating applications without any knowledge of coding. In this post, we will debunk 5 common myths about online database software.

  1. It is not customizable

While there is no denying that custom database designed for your company is always more flexible, online database software solutions are customizable too. If you don’t have any idea of how to design the applications and import your data, the concerned service provider will help. To sum up, customization shouldn’t be a matter of concern if you are investing in online database software.

  1. It’s expensive

Contrary to what many may believe, online database software is not expensive. In fact, it is more scalable and suited for small businesses and startups that cannot afford to hire a team of developers for building a custom database. Today, service providers offer easy packages, and you can also try the services on a trial basis for a limited period.

  1. It is not secure

Yes, there are a few concerns with data security when it comes to cloud computing, but technology has evolved considerably in the last five years. Online databases are much more secure and ensure that only authorized people have access to the data. Companies and online database service providers are spending huge to ensure adequate security.

  1. Support is limited

To be fair, it is just the opposite. If you have confusions as how to invest in online database software and whether this would fit your business model, service providers will offer a complete demo for help. Once you have the system up and ready, you can expect continuous technical support at all levels, including day-to-day management, as and when required.

  1. One must know about coding

This is another common myth surrounding online database software. The whole idea of using such a cloud-based system is to minimize the work involved. You don’t have to know about coding or anything else, and the data will be stored on the cloud, so team members and remote teams can collaborate and work on the go.

Just do your homework before you select a service provider, because not all offer the same kind of support and flexible choices.