Sycor Technology is a premier custom wire supplier that is based in Mississauga, Ontario. Although it is home to a tremendous inventory of well-maintained wire, cable, cable management products and tubing, its clients sometimes require products that are not already in stock. Sycor specialists are experienced in manufacturing ones that meet the specified needs that they have.

Quality Assurance

Sycor Technology uses its Quality Assurance Team to inspect and test all of its wire and related products prior to them leaving its impressive 40,000-square-foot facility so that only top-quality ones do. This custom cable supplier’s employees utilize up-to-date equipment and the highest-quality materials possible in creating its products with minimal cost and maximum efficiency. Sycor is also CSA and UL certified.

Mil-Spec Wire

One of the industries that often requires custom wire is military as the demands that its wire must overcome can be significant and are oftentimes unique. For example, mil-spec wire needs to be able to help various types of transportation vehicles enter dangerous territory time and again and to help set up communications networks that will continue to allow troops to communicate with each other in adverse conditions.